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What are Lolly Market Leader Clubs?

A Market Leader Club is the group of key stakeholders in Lolly on a per Market basis (“Market Leader Club”).

Market Leader Club are on a per market basis, with separate clubs for the United Kingdom, for the United States, for Saudi Arabia, and so forth in each Market launched.

Each Market Leader Club is limited to a capped number of Token Holders in each Market (“Leaders”):

United Kingdom
2,000 (two thousand) Leaders

United States
10,000 (ten thousand) Leaders

500 (five hundred) Leaders

Membership caps for other Markets are notified to Token Holders after registration.

Membership is strictly limited to the membership cap in each Market.

Token Holders buying Lolly Advance or Lolly Property tokens in a Market for a minimum value of $200 (two hundred US dollars, “Minimum Purchase”), are automatically enrolled in the Market Leader Club in the same Market.

The Minimum Purchase is payable within our 28-day payment terms. The Minimum Purchase cannot be paid for with Lolly Advance tokens.

Token Holders can be Leaders of Market Leader Clubs in several Markets, subject to the Minimum Purchase of in that Market.

Market Leader Club membership is valid for 365 days and is renewed automatically subject to the Minimum Purchase annually.

Membership of a Market Leader Club is issued as a transferable, sellable, non-fungible VIP Token.

Leaders are entitled to Market Leader Club Memberships in their Market.


Membership benefits

Leaders are informed of upcoming Lolly Advance Token launches and/or rounds and upcoming Lolly Property launches in the Market 3 (three) to 7 (seven) days prior to the announcement and/or listing on the website.

Market Leader Clubs ensure input on the direction of Lolly in the Market from the biggest stakeholders, including brands, media agencies, advertising agencies, marketing platforms, investors, agents, partners, and other Token Holders supporting Lolly in the Market.

Leaders have input on the roll-out of new Services, Lolly Advance, Lolly Property, and Partners in the Market.

Market Leader Club members are invited to special events, presentations, forums, and calls with the Operator’s management team in the Market.

Leaders earn bonus tokens on tokens bought above the Market Leader Amount:

  • 10% (ten percent) on Lolly Advance (paid in Lolly Advance)
  • 10% (ten percent) on Lolly Property (paid in Lolly Advance)

Leaders earn affiliate commissions:

  • 20% (twenty percent) on sales of Lolly Advance and Lolly Property tokens bought by Token Holders (paid in Lolly Advance)
  • 20% (twenty percent) on services revenues bought by Brand clients (paid in US dollars)

Affiliate commission payments are subject to Leaders signing a self-invoicing agreement with the Operator, with commissions automatically self-invoiced and paid out to Leaders’ USD credit wallet every two weeks.

Join the exclusive Lolly Market Leaders Club
and gain first access and bonuses
– membership strictly limited in each market